Young Wess - Artist, Writer, Multimedia Producer

YoungWess Bio:

"Straight outta Southside" Young Wess derives a charisma and style unique to successes in his struggle.  

As a current graduate of Cuny York College in Jamaica, Queens, he strives to continue to educate himself both culturally and about the entertainment industry.

Young Wess is a writer and striving multi-media producer who is in love with the creative process. "An artist at best, a creator at most, at least a writer" is how he describes it. 

Wess explodes on stage with a tenacity that lifts the crowds energy to uncharted heights; most times setting the tone or intensifying the energy. 

Wess says, "I feel blessed to be able to do what I love. Not only producing and being on stage or on camera, but also being a creative force behind the scenes make it all worth wild."

Young Wess once again brings to our attention, his single, "Go" with a video release. In addition to recking stages, producing music, and video content, Young Wess shows us his show-case and creative energy continues to grow.

His musical genius stems from hours of studio time, life experiences, studies and passion projects to name a few. With an Associates Degree in Music Production from Queensborough Community College, Wess developed skills like sound design and playing the piano.

Listen to the rhythms and melodies that make up Young Wess


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