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Young Wess Live on WRFG 89.3 with Elliott Hicks


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Young Wess goes live tonight with Atlanta's talented Elliott Hicks of WRFG 89.3fm 

Tune in to find out more about Young Wess, his projects, and collaborations.

Live at The Roo

Tender Trap Live



Young Wess "Go" (video)

Music produced by Kevon Beatz

Shot by Raw Oxygen

Here is the "Go" production we put together. It was a great learning experience I would never give back and I'm happy it wasn't scrapped. Thank you for checking out my video. Feel free to leave a comment and subscribe.



Hell Week Series

Hell Week

The Reign Show

The Lights NYC

Young Wess Live

Link Up Show

Networking Extravaganza

Headphones Show Series

Open Mic Hype Show

Artist Network Showcase

The Beat Showcase - YoungWess Album Pre-Release Party w/ The Set NYC & Encypher

I am Strong Island Concert Series Pusher Boy Clothing Edition

Vortex (Poem)


Looking for love, but caught in the vortex

She tell me she hate me, but keep sending me more texts

I dream of the top, but fear of seeing the floor next

Morally bankrupt, but waiting for more checks

I'm more vex that in the long run when them songs come they wont pay attention, only giving glory to my short press

If it's long lived then I live big, more or less

I find love in writing them hit lines that keep yall wanting more Wess

I romanticize this with them pearly eyes which make u cream, become a fiend and want more sex

Bring the raw-kes and I finish yall like done sets

Have yall all stressed while I'm on the next level like what's next

I'm still looking for love and still caught in the vortex


Typhoon Haiyan Philippines Benefit Concert

Swagger On The Mic


MidWest Meets NY 2


Cyn City Radio

Young Wess Live at Klimate Lounge

Young Wess Live at Tavern Lounge

Young Wess Live at Tobacco Road

Young Wess Live at Stash NYC

Winners Circle Invasion Open Mic


This amazing dance group breaks it down in so many ways that anyone watching is sure to fall in love with their stylish moves. Each individual is so talented and humble that anyone can take the front line and shine.

 Be sure to go to or download the app to vote for these amazing Wild Out Wednesday dancers. Download the app and click on the Coke bottle to Vote for Jasmine to help her team win. 

The Return Open Mic

Creative Minds Open Mic

Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine

Anayibe Ramos shares her personal Naturopathic Medicine experience in a short informative essay which she has used to enter into a school contest which she is currently in 3rd place. The contest began Aug. 1st and ends Aug. 21, 2013. 


Please click the link below, view entries, read her essay and like her page to further her chances of winning and receiving a cash reward to help her with school expenses. Tell a friend to tell a friend. Thank you in advance.

The Set NYC

Light It Up Showcase

Act! Now! Vote!



YoungWess - Numbers Don't Lie

YoungWess and Billy Gittens (BreadHouseRME) open the show for Baisley Day 2012

Music Will Be Here (Poem)

Music is one of the only things that keeps me going at times and sometime when I find myself losing the strength to continue, music is like my best friend and it's always there to lift me back into that high place where I need to be, when I need to be there..

If I cannot find a sole in the world to stay by my side during the rough times, I know music will be there

If I cannot talk to anyone about my issues because of my foolish pride, I know music will be here

If I cry when I'm on my own and feel as though no one can understand the pain that I'm facing alone, I know music will be there

 If there's no one for me to call and I'm all I have in times of war, I'll fight my best knowing that through it all, music will be there

I can vision the music in my head at times before I play it, before I hear it, before I create it and know, music will always be here

BreadHouseRME & DirtyHammaz Promo Video

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